I this video I’m showing how to carve a cold turkey and how to prepare and reheat it. The way they show on TV where someone is carving the bird at the table looks great but in my view not very practical and the meat winds up being stringy because it’s cut with the grain.

In this method the carving is done in the kitchen and laid out on a platter so at service time everything goes out together and everyone can eat together instead.

I’m carving a cold turkey like the one you may purchase from us at Cottage Catering. I find it better to carve it first and then heat it. That way the juices stay in the bird. It doesn't dry out from over heating, and it heats up in more than  half the time.

If you are carving a fresh out of the oven bird let it rest at least 30 minutes before carving and up to an hour. This will let the jucies cool and not want to burst out as soon as you cut into it. Follow the same procedure for carving but be careful because it’s still pretty hot on the inside. Lay your meat out on a platter and cover with plastic and foil just like in the video to keep the heat and moisture in .

One note on the video:

A brined birds dark meat will look a little pinker than an un-brined bird. Also younger birds may have pockets of pinkness near some joints. Also the meat on the video did look pinker than it did in real life, it just the way the video picked up the colors. Just make sure you cook to 165º , you can cook a turkey up to 185º if you prefer but the higher you cook it the dryer it will be.

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